Sexta-feira 31 de Agosto 2012
directora: Lusa Maria de Melo Ponte                                                                         
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Portões Vermelhos, Arm. 3
Cabouco - Lagoa
Tel. 296 929 088 - Fax 296 916 944

Carpintaria e Alumínios S. Vicente

Canada dos Mancos, 28 - S. Vicente Ferreira
Ponta Delgada
Tel. 296 919 405 - Fax 296 911 113

Escola Profissional de Capelas

Quinta do Navio - Capelas Codex
Tel: 296 298 220 - Fax: 296 298 338 / 296 298 714

Residencial São Francisco

Rua Conselheiro Medeiros nº 13
Tel: 292 200 980

Hotel Servi-Flor

Antigo Bairro dos Franceses
Santa Cruz das Flores
Tels. 292 592 453 / 552 / 553 - Fax 292 592 554

Junta Pilar Bretanha

Rua Direita do Pilar, 200
Pilar da Bretanha
Tel.: 296 917 008

Media Markt

Estrada Taboeira
Quinta Simão Aveiro
Tel.: 234 001 100

Hotel Gaivota - Apartamentos

Avª Inf. D. Henrique, N 103
Ponta Delgada
Tel.: 296 302 510 - Fax: 296 302 519


Canadinha Nova, Beira, Velas - S. Jorge
Tel. 295 438 274 - Fax: 295 438 378

Junta Freguesia Stª Cruz Flores

Rua Dr. Armas Silveira
Santa Cruz Flores
Tel.: 292592168 - Fax: 292592168

In attempt to be funny, somebody once asked me how it was to be the offspring of a mixed marriage, given that my mother was Portuguese, from the island of Faial, and my father was Japanese, from the island of São Miguel. (Once I figured out the “joke,” I didn’t think it was so funny.)

For those who subscribe to the notion that a language is at its best when all of its speakers conform to the rules and regulations of the prescriptive norm, the apparent demise of the uniquely micaelense modes of speech is most certainly good news.

I have found that o falar micaelense is alive and well today, but is increasingly shy in the presence of outsiders. While more and more inhabitants of São Miguel have become proficient in a more standard-sounding version of the Portuguese language, they haven’t necessarily given up what is inherently theirs: the local vernacular.

In the comfort of their home communities and among those with whom they share the most in terms of history and heritage, members of each linguistic corner of the archipelago will surely express themselves in ways that reflect their local identity. Even the most technologically-savvy, linguistically accommodating 21st century micaelense is still, at heart, a corisco.